Morning Mist Over Trees

Teacher Woo Myung

Teacher Woo Myung was born in a small town called Eui-sung which is located in the Kyungbook
province of South Korea. The many struggles he experienced throughout life provided him with a yearning for peace, which, through introspection, opened his mind to the search for Truth. While operating an educational publishing house, he focused much of his energy on meditation, and eventually achieved enlightenment. In January of 1996, while meditating in the Gaya Mountains of South Korea, he became the Truth. After that, he founded 7-level Meditation methods and has been working ever since to educate the public on their mind and the Truth.


For his efforts he was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award by the United Nations
International Association of Educators for World Peace(IAEWP) in September of 2002. Woo Myung has also been appointed as United Nations World Peace Ambassador.


He is the author of numerous books on discovering the Truth including Wisdom for Life(1996), The Natural Flow of the Universe(1998), True Mind(1998), The Enlightened World(1998), World Beyond World(2003), Forever Living world(2004), and The Formula from Heaven that will Save the World(2005).

 His 7th book, 'The Formula from Heaven that will Save the World(2005), includes many of his artistic drawings and poems of which there is an anthology of over 1 million works including songs written and recorded by him.


Even though there are many people all over the world who are on the path to completion through the 7 levels of Meditation, Woo Myung does not rest because of the countless more who are still living with suffering, waiting for a way to be free of their struggles and become Truth.

“It is my hope that before I die, Truth will spread all over the world and that all people become Truth.”
– Woo Myung