How Can You Always Remain Happy?

- Ellen Park

First, we can think about the answer to this question for a while,

What kind of mind is embedded in my mind? What's the biggest mind that controls me?

It's going to be different for each person. It can be love to someone. Or it can be money, family, parents, or fame. Depending on what I embedded in my mind, I live under the control of that mind. For example, someone has a lot of mind of seeking love in them, that much their mind is controlled by love. When we feel lacking in what we obsess in our mind, we feel despair and pain.

But what I’d like to share is, that kind of mind that always changes is not our original mind. Because that mind is an incomplete and painful mind. Also, it's false that no one has but only he has. There is our original mind which is true within us. This mind is an unchangeable, happy mind. The reason why we were not always happy was that there is no true mind within.

By looking back at what you have in your mind, you can figure out which cause of mind is controlling you. and once you clear away those false minds, we can recover our true mind. This mind is not temporary relief, it is an unshakeable peace of mind. because this is our original mind.🌿

For me, one of my biggest mind was, I always had a lot of desire to be recognized and praised. So I always had a lot of anxieties about failure, whenever I couldn’t make things properly, I felt like I am a failed person and feel a huge sense of loss.

Through reflecting on myself, I could realize where those minds come from. One of the biggest rooted minds was from the memories of my father. His personality was quite to be perfect and to do it properly. He was a good father but also he was very strict with me. I wanted to hear compliments from him and also didn’t want to make him angry or disappointed. When I was scolded by him, I used to feel a sense of loss. That kind of mind was embedded in me and it affected me until I grew up. Even after I became an adult, I have repeated this kind of mind with others.

So with the method, I let go of all the minds related to my father. After letting go of my minds one by one, I could find myself gradually becoming free from that mind. As the cause of my mind disappeared, my behavior gradually changed. Also, the lacking of mind disappeared. I no longer repeatedly suffered from such minds. I'm so happy now. I love this calmness and unshakable peace of mind.

Already the original happiness is within you. Anyone who cleanses one’s false mind can find unshakable happiness within. If you want to know more about how to have unshakable happiness within, refer to the video below.🌱

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