"I’m so happy about this virtual mediation experience. It has allowed me to continue on my path toward achieving inner peace – and stay calm with a universe state of mind.

I began my meditation journey years ago at the Northridge Meditation Center.
At the time, I was feeling severely overwhelmed and stressed. The meditation helped me realize that my thoughts and habits were causing stress in my life.

Doing the meditation together online during the pandemic has continued to be so enlightening. It helps me relax and maintain a more positive outlook. It reminds me to throw away negative thoughts and images that come into my mind. I feel so fortunate to be part of this supportive community of people.

Prior to this pandemic, I was blessed to have the experience of meditating at many of their other locations, ranging from Northern California to Florida to South Korea. The meditation is consistent and comforting, no matter where I’ve been. It is like a center of calm in the apparent storm of life."

— Laura