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Northridge Meditation

A quiet and comfortable place to rest your mind.

"Truth is Within Me, The Land of Truth is Within Me"

Guided meditation that allows one to transcend the human mind and discover truth within.

Cleanse the mind to return to your original nature, and find lasting peace and happiness within.

Yoga at Home
Simple, Powerful
Systematic Method

Our method, is a step by step guided meditation practice,

designed for anyone regardless of experience.

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Yoga Class

Benefits of Meditation

  • MIND

    All of the mind clutter disappears.

    Your efficiency can be boosted by more than 10 times.

    You have confidence in whatever it is you do.

  • BODY

    Your face becomes bright and the most beautiful according to your style.

    You will become free from illness and have longevity.

    Exhaustion disappears.

  • SOUL

    You are able to succeed. 

    You are always in comfort and happy.

    You can achieve human completion and live forever.

    Your journey to happiness starts in less than a minute.


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