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Our method, is a step by step guided meditation practice,

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Guided Meditation

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Valid till 31st, January 2022

Sandy Beach

Guided Meditation for Everyone

A person can only speak and live according to what he has in his mind. You can find Truth within you and achieve everything that you want to achieve. We have the most systematic method for everyone, every goal. 

Stree and Anxiety Relief

People's stress exists in their own mind. So if people discard their mind, and when their mind becomes the one mind of the whole, there will be no stress. We have the best guided meditation for stress.

Be Healthier

For people to become healthy, what is best for their health is to break their bad habits and eliminate their stress. When people discard their mind, their energy circulation improves. So their mind and body become healthier.

Better Relationships

If one discards the narrow-mindedness and has the mind of the world, one will have a big and accepting mind. One can have successful relationships.

Gain Enlightenment

Enlightenment is what one comes to realize as much as one has discarded the false mind, has gone to Truth, and has become the true mind. To achieve this, one needs to meditate.

Improve focus & Concentration

The reason why people find it difficult to stick to their goals and be successful is they are unable to focus on one thing and continually have countless kinds of thoughts and take no action. The way to concentrate well is to discard those thoughts with meditation.  

Emotional Management

Human emotions come from the minds one has. Emotions exist in the mind, habits, and body that one came to have while living. Once you discard these and reach the true mind, there is only the mind that accepts everything.


Bad Habits

People form their own habits based on the ones inherited from their ancestors and the ones added from their life lived. In order to change your habits, you should discard your habits, which are the roots of your mind.

Have Gratitude

A grateful mind is a positive mind. For people to have positive minds, it is impossible to achieve it within their own minds. When you throw away the self-centered and biased mind, and become the true mind, then you'll have the grateful mind.


We guide you to the true world

People live according to what they have in their minds. The one who has the true world in their mind and has been reborn in the true world can live eternally. The one who does not have the true world in their mind cannot live eternally. True happiness and peace exist in this true world.

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